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Behavioral Health Tech: Digital Transformation at Blue Cross of Idaho

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The Going Digital: Behavioral Health Tech summit happened on June 17, 2020. The virtual event featured more than 50 speakers and 18+ hours of content spread across three tracks.

Vynyl was excited to sponsor the event, and we hosted a conversation with Christine Cullen, director of digital engagement delivery at Blue Cross of Idaho. Christine sat down with Chris Hoyd, Vynyl’s director of product management to talk about BCI’s digital transformation.

Christine described BCI’s roots in the community going back 70 years as an organization that started as a way to provide healthcare to workers in Idaho’s mining industry. But healthcare in the year 2020 has obviously changed significantly since then. Noting some of the many challenges BCI faced, she said, “When you are a legacy company and you have years and years of success building upon custom, complex processes which ultimately become some of your bread and butter, there is a complexity built in.”

She stressed the importance of being able to meet consumers where they are, and explained how BCI approached their digital transformation with a focus on increasing engagement. Christine highlighted the importance of buy-in from stakeholders at all levels during the process, stating, “We had executive leadership all the way to the top that really recognized that we needed to change. I really want to give them credit for that.”

Through working with Vynyl, BCI has implemented development, product management, and design strategies that have proven very successful. Christine described “increasing our significant releases by 325%. We went from delivering three significant releases a year to more than 12.” She notes that this has increased digital engagement from consumers by 50% saying “we’re pretty excited!”

To watch the rest of this conversation and learn more about our collaboration with BCI, check out the Behavioral Health Tech video library.

Thank you Cognific for creating this first-of-its-kind event and engaging Vynyl to co-organize it!

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