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Digital Transformation for a major health insurer

Vynyl established Agile product strategy and implemented best practices for coding at a 70-year-old company that was ripe for digital transformation.


The Engagement

This health insurer wanted to bring in a new perspective in order to modernize its product suite through lean product management, user-centered design, and best-in-class DevOps. The insurer wanted to understand their users, design and build solutions that leapfrogged competitors, and move platforms to the cloud — and learn how to do all of this in-house for the longer term.

The Solution

Vynyl’s leaders worked side by side with the client’s executives and teams to surface and prioritize digital touchpoints that were critical to the customer journey. The goal: to fortify the team with a business plan, road map — and product developers — to build market-leading, omnichannel experiences for consumers, brokers, and employers.

Vynyl took a digital-first approach and brought a product management discipline to the organization. Not only did the company’s CX improve, but by tackling those challenges, it renewed its bias for action and data-driven mindset throughout the workforce.

Design Sprints grew to become full Product Sprints, including value proposition analysis, customer development, market scans, competitive assessments, and definitions of product success.

To keep innovation going, we introduced Product Councils to set strategic direction, allocate product resources and investment, and provide a level of oversight for business and technical teams to drive innovation together. The councils also give the compliance, legal, and security teams a forum to review product performance and give feedback.

The Result

Vynyl completely redefined the client’s consumer mobile experience. New capabilities include a personalized welcome experience, frictionless registration and password reset, easy access to coverage and claims, check deductible and out of pocket costs, find providers in-network, find urgent care nearby, estimates for costs, a shareable digital ID card, seamless link to pharmacy services, and access to telehealth and appointment scheduling platforms to get care. Today, the client enjoys five-star reviews in Apple’s App Store.

Another major win was moving the client’s employer portal experience to the cloud. The customer’s employer groups — ranging from 10-person small businesses to multinational conglomerates — are now able to complete most tasks themselves via a self-service portal.

Vynyl’s senior DevOps engineers led the technical migration and implementation in close partnership with the director of digital engagement and program managers. This achievement set the stage for all future CI/CD advancements, including agile build updates, timely triage and remediation of security issues, and adapting the stack to work with complex product launches.

The Vynyl team also set priorities for product roadmaps and defined the broader digital strategy based on a foundation of qualitative and quantitative research. We captured feedback from more than 20 user types across four of the client’s digital platforms. The in-house product team continues to research using the frameworks we created.

Using tools like Figma, Sketch, Abstract, and Zeplin, Vynyl turned the building blocks of the existing visual style into a proper design system, building reusable HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components. Front-end work is now much more efficient, and future updates will flow into the system in a coordinated fashion rather than as a series of isolated changes.

Featured Highlights

DevOps and Data Improvements

Better performance, uptime, security, and interoperability across four platforms.

Product and Design Sprints

Engaged key customers and stakeholders to make quick decisions. Better designs led to superior UX and higher ratings for mobile apps.

Product Muscle

Built playbook, acted as VP product, then recruited and trained full-time product pros. Transformed legacy mindsets to embrace innovation.

Vynyl is a critical partner in our journey to modernization. Their design and development work on our mobile app, as well as their product leadership, made a big difference. We saw a 325% increase in velocity and increased mobile device engagement by 50%.