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Discover how you can drive innovation and growth across the business and IT - and deliver real customer value at a rapid clip. Gain new perspectives about digital and take on transformation within your business.


Build HIPAA-compliant, omnichannel solutions that improve patient care.

Design, architect, and run digital health, telemedicine, and therapeutics apps and platforms in the cloud.

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Monetize solutions that use machine learning for consumer lending and digital banking.

Vynyl took on a legacy product to improve credit underwriting -- and optimized it every step of the way.

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Reinvent how your consumers gain access to high-quality, affordable coverage.

Vynyl delivered a road map, cloud-based software, and design systems that serve consumers, brokers, and employers.

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Launch data-driven fitness trackers and more.

Wearable watch interfaces. Snowboarding apps. Fitness apps for instructors. Boost client engagement and grow your business.

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Drive innovation in telecommunications, government, education, and other industries.

Use data to optimize student aptitude tests. Enable customers to complete training courses with ease. Transform a paper-based system into a beautiful, intuitive digital experience.