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Vynyl Highlights Source Code Review Practice at 2019 Berkeley-Stanford Advanced Patent Law Institute

Legal Forensics Source Code Review

Vynyl was pleased to be a sponsor of the Advanced Patent Law Institute: Silicon Valley (APLI) December 12-13 in East Palo Alto, CA. The event featured judges, academics, litigators, patent prosecutors, and senior IP counsel giving attendees an in-depth look at the latest developments in patent law and practice.

Sessions covered a wide range of topics ranging from antitrust and unfair competition concerns for standards bodies and licensors to issues of diversity and inclusion. You can see the full agenda and presenter information at the event website.

Vynyl provides source code reviews for high-tech litigation cases in addition to our software development practice and we spread the word about it at this event.

APLI is jointly presented by the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology (BCLT) and Stanford Law School. BCLT’s mission is to advance technology by guiding the development of law as it applies to technology, privacy, and public policy. They also engage with issues of digital security, entertainment, biotechnology, telecommunications, and other regulatory, constitutional, and business laws that intersect with technology.

APLI 2020 is scheduled for December 10-11.

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