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Vynyl Celebrates Independence Day


The Fourth of July is an important American celebration—arguably the most important since it celebrates the independence of the American colonies from the British empire. But did you know that the Continental Congress actually voted for independence on July 2? The holiday itself commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

Independence Chamber where the Declaration of Independence was signed

But Independence Day is more than just a day off of work. As Americans, freedom and democracy are important to us. As a company, active citizenship is a critical value. We’re proud to have a U.S.-based workforce, and we actively give back to our communities. We also fully support our employees and their right to express themselves freely—and yes, sometimes that includes protest. Our founding fathers fought to give us these freedoms, and at Vynyl we celebrate them and hold them dear.

Happy Fourth of July!

The Declaration of Independence (tap to read the full text)
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