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Product in Healthtech with Jennifer Geetter, photo of Jennifer on the right side of screen

The Legal Landscape of AI and Digital Health Innovation - with Jennifer Geetter

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In this episode of the Product in Healthtech podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Jennifer Geetter, a partner at the law firm McDermott Will & Emery, who specializes in advising healthcare and digital health clients on the legal and compliance issues associated with bringing innovative AI solutions to providers and patients.

Jennifer speaking on an AI panel discussion
Jennifer speaking on an AI panel discussion

Throughout the conversation, Jennifer shared her wealth of knowledge and experience, offering valuable insights on how innovators can effectively navigate the complex landscape of AI and data governance in healthcare.

Jennifer stresses the importance of understanding the different types of AI and their associated risks and regulations, as the regulatory requirements and compliance considerations can vary significantly depending on the specific application of AI in healthcare.  She also dug into the critical role of data quality and infrastructure in enabling successful AI implementation.  Just as roads are essential for a country's transportation system, a robust data infrastructure is crucial for healthcare organizations looking to leverage AI effectively.  The “non sexy stuff”, so to speak.

ViVE2023 stage with panelists in chairs, Jennifer on far left seat
ViVE2023 stage with panelists in chairs, Jennifer on far left seat

When it comes to AI governance, Jennifer advised companies to adopt a holistic approach, taking into account the various federal and state regulations that may apply.  By considering privacy, security, and other compliance issues in tandem, organizations can avoid the pitfall of solving one problem while inadvertently creating another.

We explored the significance of building public trust in AI-powered healthcare solutions.  By involving community voices in AI governance, providing training to frontline healthcare providers, and promoting AI literacy among the general public, organizations can foster a sense of trust and transparency around the use of AI in healthcare.

To learn more, tune in to the full episode and join the conversation on LinkedIn.  For more expert insights on driving innovation in healthcare, follow the Product in Healthtech podcast. And if your organization is looking to transform its approach to healthcare technology, Vynyl's team of experienced strategists, designers, and developers is ready to help you bring your vision to life.

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