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ICYMI: Llamas Fighting COVID-19, Data Science Can Be a Drag & How to Win at Dadding


UCSF Researchers Neutralize COVID—With Camels

Unfortunately, COVID-19 seems like all anyone can think about some days, but there are lots of big ideas on the horizon that could change everything. We weren't counting on Camelids to be the animals that save us all, but scientists from UCSF have created synthetic antibodies to neutralize the virus—and they’re modeled after antibodies found in llamas and camels.

Researchers are hoping that clinical trials will result in a nasal spray to combat the virus. The engineered molecules called AeroNabs bind to COVID-19’s protein spikes, preventing them from invading cells. While it’s still unclear how long the spray would be effective, the ease of a self-administered spray or inhaler could be “a game changer.”

Anaconda’s 2020 State of Data Science

The folks behind the Python distribution Anaconda have released their 2020 State of Data Science, and after crunching the numbers, it turns out that data drudgery is still a big part of data scientists’ workdays.

More than 2,300 respondents sounded off on a range of topics, including how data scientists are spending their time, and how effective their teams are at demonstrating the impact of data science on outcomes. Download the full report at Anaconda’s website.

Dad Turns Kids’ Drawings Into Amazing “Real” Photos

Dads. They’ve recently come into their own with the internet’s embrace of the “Dad Joke” and this dad in particular has taken his dadding to the next level by Photoshopping his kids’ drawings into “real life.” To be honest, we can’t stop looking at them.

The attention to detail is quite stunning, and stand-out dad Tom Curtis reports spending about 10 hours on each amazingly detailed creation. You can see more of his hilarious Photoshop wizardry at @ThingsIHaveDrawn on Instagram.

source: Tom Curtis @ThingsIHaveDrawn
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