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Erick Herring Talks Cybersecurity at Innovate Pasadena


Vynyl CTO Erick Herring participated in an Ask Me Anything with Innovate Pasadena's Beth Kuchar on February 3. He covered a wide range of audience questions, including how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting cybersecurity as many companies learn to shift toward remote work, and consumers expect more tech-heavy services, including expanded telehealth.

The conversation kicked off with a question about the culture required in organizations to accelerate digital transformation against cybersecurity threats. Erick reiterated the point that cybersecurity is an organizational issue, pointing out that while people aren’t necessarily the weakest link in a company’s cybersecurity plan, they are the “primary attack vector” for getting access to your data. He spoke about the Solarwinds hack—where presumed Russian state actors infiltrated U.S. government systems via Orion, a popular piece of software for network monitoring.

“Every aspect of your business needs to take security into account.”

Erick also addressed questions about the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on security. The shift toward remote work has forced the issue of data security into the conversation. He says “The realization that your network perimeter is much wider than your company’s firewalls and routers has been a long time coming,” noting that now companies are being forced to figure out solutions for problems that they may have simply avoided in the past.

To see more of Erick’s AMA with Innovate Pasadena, including discussions of data privacy, cybersecurity awareness, and AI and quantum computing, click on the video or check it out on Innovate Pasadena’s YouTube channel.

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