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Product in Healthtech Virtual Conference


Product in Healthtech Virtual Conference

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Discover how the biggest brands in health tech are driving outcomes, scaling teams, and maximizing organizational impact in our rapidly evolving industry.

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In this inaugural Product in Healthtech conference, join the conversation about how healthcare product managers, designers, researchers and other stakeholders can add meaningful value to their teams. Learn how the best product leaders optimize decision quality for entire organizations, increase development velocity, and navigate the unique constraints and opportunities in healthcare.


Product leaders from Noom, Walmart Health, Truepill, Fruit Street Clinic, Fountain House, Pear Therapeutics, Applied VR, Blue Shield of California, and others

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What We'll Talk About

The Product Management in Healthcare conference is the place to discuss:

A demanding discipline in a difficult industry: Explore the one-of-a-kind challenges that healthcare presents to product leaders, including regulations, sales cycles, and finding product-market fit.

Team cultures and resilience: Address the ways teams have adapted in an uncertain time, without losing efficiency and in some cases rising to greater demand.

Behind the scenes: Hear stories behind some of the most exciting new product evolutions in healthcare, from clinically validated digital therapeutics, to data portability, to meeting underserved patients where they are in new ways.

Tool tips: Deep dive into the suites of tools and services used by market-leading product professionals, and how they influence development techniques.

Good PM vs great PM: It’s one of the most compelling ongoing discussions in product circles. Learn what specifically turns a good PM to a great PM in a health tech context.

Scaling products and product teams: As many health tech companies secure large funding rounds, we’ll talk through some of the growing pains and opportunities encountered by product leaders.

Deploy resources: Product managers well-versed in lean principles know how to deliver “just enough” in terms of value to realize gains. They’re able to re-use knowledge in effective ways that optimizes the product development lifecycle. Hear about optimal team sizes, structure, and methods for executing complex development in healthcare.