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The Legal Landscape of AI and Digital Health Innovation - with Jennifer Geetter

What are the legal and compliance issues associated with bringing innovative AI solutions to providers and patients? In this episode of the Product in Healthtech podcast, we interviewed Jennifer Geetter, a partner at McDermott Will & Emery, to learn more about what healthcare clients should consider.

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Personalized Health in Professional Sports: A Glimpse into the Future of Proactive Healthcare - with Chris Shenberger

Chris Shenberger, head of sports science and medicine for the Columbus Crew SC, is leveraging cutting-edge technology and data analytics to personalize athlete training, predict injury risks, and optimize performance in professional soccer - offering an exciting glimpse into the future of proactive, hyper-personalized healthcare for all.

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Turning the Tide on Diabetes: Virta Health's Blueprint for Chronic Condition Reversal - with Amit Shah

Discover how Virta is revolutionizing type 2 diabetes treatment through personalized nutrition, tech-enabled monitoring, and clinical support. Amit offers fascinating insights on scaling a digital health company and the impact of recent GLP-1 developments on their mission. 

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Idaho Business Review’s Breakfast Series with Vynyl’s Nick Crabbs

Meeting over Zoom rather than in-person over breakfast as usual, one of the first topics discussed was the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on tech. “COVID forced some change that probably needed to happen for a while."

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