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AWS re:Invent 2019: We Faced a Mechanical Bull (and Other Tricky Things) So That You Didn’t Have To

As an AWS Consulting Partner, Vynyl joined 60,000 of our industry colleagues for the mega-event. Here’s our quick list of takeaways.

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Money 20/20 2019: A Vibrant Ecosystem Braces for (and Makes an) Impact

New developments in AI engines, data visualization, and information security sparked conversations on how to deliver new solutions to our clients.


The Recap: HLTH 2019

Vynyl joined more than 6,000 attendees from around the world -- from established healthcare companies to startups who are blazing new trails in digital health technologies.

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2019 INDEEDS Awards Honor STEM Educators

The Idaho STEM Action Center recognized Lynette Leonard and Robin Wilson for their excellence in creating innovative learning opportunities for their students. Vynyl was proud to sponsor this event!

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The Recap: With Patients Front and Center, Artificial Intelligence Shows Promise at Life Summit 2019

On October 17, more than 60 leaders in digital health came to Caltech at Artificial Intelligence Los Angeles Life Summit 2019. This vibrant group brought design thinking to some of healthcare’s most complex challenges.

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Vynyl Presents Serverless at Scale at the Idaho Technology Council

Mike Ford gave an overview of serverless development using AWS Lambda and other cool tools for DevOps.

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Amazon’s Alexa Opens Possibilities Under HIPAA

In April 2019, Amazon announced its Alexa Healthcare Skills, along with a developer program in a HIPAA-eligible environment. Six companies have launched skills that allow users to securely interact with their health data.

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